What We Do

We are an advocacy and consulting services company that focuses on incubating small-to-medium sized startup companies. We help clients develop and execute targeted strategies that mature their organizations and products, readying them for success in the Enterprise and OEM markets.


Crafting solutions that achieve sustained growth

Our clients command incredible products and technologies. We help assess their markets, the competition and consumer needs in their space in order to create winning business strategies, transform their organizations and product lines, and grow revenue.


Ensuring structure and alignment across the enterprise to deliver results

One of our core strengths is aligning groups and resources across the organization in support of common goals, and aligning our customer’s products to specific use cases in the enterprise and small to mid-tier service provider markets. This higher degree of alignment and collaboration directly translates into sales traction and increased revenue.


Deep expertise across all areas of the technology organization

We have witnessed unprecedented growth in software and hardware technology, engineering talent, and mobile and cloud markets over the last 25 years. Our clients benefit from our team’s deep experience, including Tier 1-3 support, business analysis, software development, project management, QA, security, operations, asset management, budgeting and procurement, network infrastructure, contract administration, and vendor management.

Cloud, Mobile, Identity / Access Perimeter Security and Network Infrastructure

Our team provides extensive and focused support for some of today’s most explosive technology tracks. We help our customers build and deploy products in markets where there is significant competition. Our track record in this space speaks for itself.

Executive Support

Successful leaders cultivate trusted and unbiased relationships

McNamara Group’s proven results extend the influence of C-Level leaders and frees them up to focus on core responsibilities. We deliver simple and concise executive-level messaging consistent with your organization’s brand and strategic focus.

Product Development and Marketing

Build great user experiences and ensure marketing plans reinforce brand and product strategies

We assess products through the eyes of the customer, implement consumer listening methods and feedback mechanisms, and evaluate product development methods.


Financial Services

We understand the needs of the financial services space and support customers across the globe from Wall Street and London to Amsterdam and Hong Kong.


Our team has deep expertise across all areas of technology, with a particular emphasis on Cloud, Mobile, Identity and Access Perimeter Security, and Networking.

Media and Publishing



Telecom is changing every day. The traditional data center focus is moving from private to hybrid and public. Our belief is that private data centers are dead. Hardware is now software and perimeter controls are now blended into identity authentication. Our consultants and advocates design and implement ubiquitous and secure solutions that work in any perimeter.

Internet of Things

Our advocates focus on empowering future growth for our customers, which includes planning for the Internet of Things. Some examples include architectural functions such as swarming, assuming things fail, non-persistence and group consciousness.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Mission

Our success depends on our clients success. At McNamara Group, we connect people and ideas to help our clients increase their competitive advantage through technology, and develop organizational capabilities to achieve strategic goals.

Our Values

What we do -- and how we do it -- is important. It’s what sets us apart. Our values guide how we operate, both in business and in our everyday lives.
  • Trust and Transparency: We are honest and open. We say what we mean, and mean what we say.
  • Integrity and High Standards: We do things with purpose, and set high standards for ourselves and the quality of our work. We select customers and projects that we believe in, and our customers select us because they know we deliver results.
  • Accountability: We own our successes and our failures. It is always our job to support our customers.
  • Innovation: We challenge the status quo in order to drive innovation and transformation, understanding that change is constant. One of our core strengths is our ability to anticipate the changing marketplace and help our customers adapt accordingly.
  • Customer Focused: Our customers are at the forefront of all that we do. We solve for customer problems, and we never lose sight of the fact that our customers expect excellence every single day.
  • Respect and Collaboration: Listen well, collaborate freely and adhere to the Golden Rule.

Our Leadership

The leadership team at Mcnamara Group has worked with executive management at some world’s most respected and successful companies. Our value is derived from our deep expertise, high degree of integrity, and dedication to our customer’s success.
Kevin McNamara
Kevin McNamara
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Theresa McNamara
Theresa McNamara
Senior Partner